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Kick-Ass Sales Kickoff Tip #2 – Assess Your Team

As part of our Kick-Ass Sales Kickoff series, we give you tips to start strong in 2015.

Today’s post shows you how to assess your team so you can uncover skill and knowledge gaps and design the best agenda.

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Kick-Ass Sales Kickoff Tip #1 – Survey Your Team

As part of our Kick-Ass Sales Kickoff series, we give you tips to start strong in 2015.

Today’s post shows you how to take your team’s pulse and survey them to design the best agenda.

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Flip the Sales Kickoff (and Sales Training)

Quota is a BearPhoto Credit: Peter Stevens

Let’s face it.  Quota is a bear.

It never stops.  Q4 is here now.  But 2015 is only three months away.

And quota only goes up; never down.

The question is: Are you gonna get the bear?  Or is the bear gonna get you?

One way to get the bear is to get off to a fast start.

And one way to get off to a fast start is to have a great 2015 sales kickoff.


But Typical Sales Kickoffs Suck

No PPT. No Cry.

No PPT. No Cry.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

  • We spend a ton of money taking our salespeople out of the field or off the phones for 3-4 days
  • We stick them in a room.  Everyone in the company sprays a firehose of information at them.  We crush their souls with Powerpoint
  • Within 30 days, everyone forgets 87% of what they’ve learned and goes back to the same old behavior
  • The CFO sends us a meeting invite to discuss “questionable expenses” from the kickoff

Sales kickoffs are great for many reasons.  You can build personal relationships.  You can fire up the sales team.  You can recognize top performers.  You can align the team around a common strategy.

But many sales kickoffs suck for learning because “learning by lecture” is too passive.  We need more “learning by example” and “learning by doing.”

There’s a better way.


Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the classroom is new approach to education.  It reverses the traditional roles of lecture and homework.

In the traditional model, the teacher lectures the students in class.  Then the students do their assignments at home, maybe with the help of a parent.

In the flipped model, students view short video lectures at home before class.  Then they do exercises in-class.  They collaborate on projects.  They get personalized coaching from an expert teacher.

Traditional vs Flipped

Sal Khan, CEO of Khan Academy,  made this model famous when he created YouTube videos to tutor his niece.  School teachers soon assigned his videos to their students and the movement took off.

Flipping the classroom reduces failure rates, improves outcomes and engages students.


Flipping the Sales Kickoff (and Sales Training)

Courtesy of Republic of Korea

In the same way, you’ll improve your sales team’s behaviors and engagement by flipping the sales kickoff.

So what would the process look like?

1. Make videos

4-6 weeks before the sales kickoff

Decide what you want people to learn.  Pick your best salespeople and experts on these topics and make the videos.  People can make great videos themselves with their smartphones.

Some of your topics might include:

  • Role plays of common sales scenarios
  • How I engage prospects with insights in the first conversation
  • How I teach the customer X
  • How I tell the story of X customer
  • How I ask questions to uncover needs
  • How I create a pain chain with the prospect
  • How I develop champions
  • How I negotiate for access to other stakeholders
  • How I handle X objection
  • How I differentiate us vs the competition
  • How I uncover the prospect’s buying process and create a close plan
  • How and why we won X deal
  • and a lot more!

You can post these videos to an intranet, shared drive or a system like Kindoo.

2. Watch videos and practice

2 weeks before the sales kickoff

Salespeople watch the videos and practice their own responses – whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

If you have a system like Kindoo, you can see who watched which videos and how engaged they are.

3. Practice, assess and certify

at the sales kickoff

Instead of hammering your poor salespeople with Powerpoints

  • have more interactive discussions
  • practice with exercises, role plays and feedback
  • assess and certify your people

4. Make more videos

at the sales kickoff

Take advantage of the fact that people are in one location.

You’re going to hear some great new stories and sales techniques.

Create a budget-friendly movie studio in a conference room.  Make more videos of your top salespeople and experts.

In fact, you can make professional business videos for an investment of just $240.35.

5. Share more videos and practice more

after the sales kickoff

People will watch these videos over and over again as they prepare for sales calls and meetings.


In Conclusion

Try flipping your sales kickoff and sales training.  You’ll get more engaged, more proficient salespeople.

If you’d like more tips for sales kickoffs and sales training, subscribe to our newsletter.

We’ll be publishing more practical tips throughout Q4.

Happy Selling!


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Make Better Sales Videos with your Smartphone

sales video production movie star

It’s no surprise that video is 200-300% more engaging than text (Forrester).

So if you want more engagement from your salespeople and partners, use more video.

“Sure David,” you say.  “I’m not Stephen Spielberg.  And I don’t the money for fancy-schmancy video equipment.”

Well, good news.  You don’t need to be Spielberg.  And you don’t need fancy equipment for great sales video production.

All you need is a smartphone and these five tips – you can be the Smartphone Movie Star in your sales organization.

1. Script

Write down your main points and rehearse them. Crisp, concise videos engage viewers. Rambling videos bore them. Feel free to use Kindoo’s 90-Second Script to help organize your thoughts.

2. Sound

Poor sound is distracting. Shoot in a quiet place. Your smartphone’s microphone should work fine if you are 2-3 feet away and speak loudly and clearly. If not, consider an external microphone.

3. Steady

Shaky videos are distracting. Don’t hold your phone in your hand as you shoot. Put it on a solid surface or use a mini tripod.

4. Shoot

sales video production iphone

  • Shoot in landscape mode, not in portrait.
  • Use the rotate camera feature so you can see what you look like.
  • Shoot in a well-lit place with the light in your face (not behind you).
  • Position yourself in the right or left third of the frame (see: rule of thirds)
  • Don’t read your script. Use a browser-based teleprompter if you need it.

5. Short

Most engaging videos on the web are less than 2 minutes. Longer than that and people get distracted. It’s human nature. Consider breaking long videos up into multiple shorter ones.

That’s it.  Go make some great videos.

Just watch out for paparazzi!

Happy Selling,


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Show. Don’t Tell.

What’s the best way for new salespeople to learn to tell effective customer stories?

Let’s say you wanted them to learn to tell this ZenDesk customer story:

A) Read documents  

ZenDesk Charity: Water Case Study









B) Read Powerpoints

ZenDesk Charity Water Powerpoint









C) Watch videos


Answer = (C) Watch Videos


Because video is better for understanding phrasing, pacing, emotion, etc.  

And in selling, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it…and how you make the other person feel.

My suggestion: Make videos of your best salespeople and customers so your new salespeople can learn by example.

They’ll learn faster and be more effective.

Happy Selling!

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