What NOT to do at Dreamforce: A Poem

Football is here. The leaves are turning.  Pumpkin Spice is back.  You know what that means.

Yep.  Dreamforce is here!

So many companies publish so many blog posts on what TO do at Dreamforce.  Some of our favorites:

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That’s all well and good.  But where are the guides telling you what NOT to do?

Well, we here at Kindoo believe that the mistake you never make is just as good as the achievement you never attain.

And thus, we offer to our booth-bound sales brothers and sisters some advice.

What NOT to Do at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is here and you’re raring to sellNo crazy eyes at Dreamforce
Your booth is set up and you’re ready as hell
Attention rainmaker I’m talking to you
When you’re in SF here’s what NOT to do

Prospects do think that salespeople tell lies.
When they walk by your booth don’t make crazy eyes.
You’re not the hunter and they’re not the prey.
Just smile, be friendly and they’ll come your way.

Prospects will then ask, “what is it you do?”
All about product most sales reps will spew.
Don’t commit premature elaboration.
Ask first, “can you tell me ’bout your situation?”

Some prospects who visit will not qualify
That’s OK. Be nice. Do not vilify.
Get a referral ‘fore they leave the booth.
“Do you know someone who’d like what we do?”

Moscone’s a circus. You think you must shout.
But follow these rules and you will stand out.
Be human and smart and you’ll have a great show.
And soon you’ll be rolling in commission dough.


Happy Selling,

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