17 Sales-Related Videos from Movies and TV

soscarThe Oscars took place this past weekend.  Since this is a sales blog, we’d like to give out some Sales Oscars awards (Soscars) for memorable sales moments in entertainment.

Warning: Some of these clips contain profanity.  

So without further ado, the Soscars go to…

1. Best Product Demonstration

2. Best Upsell

3. Best Cold Call

4. Best Price Negotiation

5. Best Challenger Sale

6. Best Positive Self-Talk

7. Best Objection Handling

8. Best Value Selling

9. Best Positioning

10. Best Questioning

11. Best Motivational Speech

12. Best Product Knowledge

13. Best Use of Own Product

14. Best Negotiation

15. Best After Sale Service

16. Best Customer Discovery

17. Best Client Commitment


I also made this list available as a YouTube Playlist.

I’m sure I also forgot some good ones, so please feel free to suggest your own in the comments.

Happy Selling!

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