Is Your Sales Video Copy Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

HemingwayAre you smarter than a fifth grader?

I’m not.

Well, at least the script for Kindoo’s next sales video isn’t.

Let me explain.

Look at the copy on the websites and collateral of technology companies.  A lot of them are complex, hard to read and filled with jargon.

And a lot of them simply use that same copy for the scripts of their videos.   A big mistake because videos should be even more engaging.

Next time you prepare a script for one of your sales videos, paste it into Hemingway App.

It’s a website that evaluates your copy and offers tips to write like Ernest Hemingway – clear, concise and active.

As a result, your copy should be easier to understand and more memorable.

The image at the right shows the results from Kindoo’s newest video script.  There are 22 shots and 30 sentences in this 90-second video.  And the grade shows that I am clearly not smarter than a fifth grader.

Some people might object: “But David, my products and services are more complex than Kindoo’s.  I can’t dumb it down.”

My response: Try it.  You don’t have to oversimplify to a fifth grade reading level if you’ll lose credibility with your audience.  But I bet you will make some improvements that your audience will appreciate.

Happy Selling!

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