Make Better Sales Videos with your Smartphone

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It’s no surprise that video is 200-300% more engaging than text (Forrester).

So if you want more engagement from your salespeople and partners, use more video.

“Sure David,” you say.  “I’m not Stephen Spielberg.  And I don’t the money for fancy-schmancy video equipment.”

Well, good news.  You don’t need to be Spielberg.  And you don’t need fancy equipment for great sales video production.

All you need is a smartphone and these five tips – you can be the Smartphone Movie Star in your sales organization.

1. Script

Write down your main points and rehearse them. Crisp, concise videos engage viewers. Rambling videos bore them. Feel free to use Kindoo’s 90-Second Script to help organize your thoughts.

2. Sound

Poor sound is distracting. Shoot in a quiet place. Your smartphone’s microphone should work fine if you are 2-3 feet away and speak loudly and clearly. If not, consider an external microphone.

3. Steady

Shaky videos are distracting. Don’t hold your phone in your hand as you shoot. Put it on a solid surface or use a mini tripod.

4. Shoot

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  • Shoot in landscape mode, not in portrait.
  • Use the rotate camera feature so you can see what you look like.
  • Shoot in a well-lit place with the light in your face (not behind you).
  • Position yourself in the right or left third of the frame (see: rule of thirds)
  • Don’t read your script. Use a browser-based teleprompter if you need it.

5. Short

Most engaging videos on the web are less than 2 minutes. Longer than that and people get distracted. It’s human nature. Consider breaking long videos up into multiple shorter ones.

That’s it.  Go make some great videos.

Just watch out for paparazzi!

Happy Selling,


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